Welcome to Camp Essentials

Welcome to Camp Essentials – a blog designed to help you gather all the camping essentials to get you out in the wonderful Australian great outdoors.

While we welcome campers of all levels to our blog, Camp Essentials has been set up as a beginners guide to camping. We were once beginner campers too and remember how hard it was trying to figure out not only what to take camping, but also what camping equipment was right for us. On this blog, we want to make camping for beginners easier and help them get the best camping gear Australia has – the first time.

While this blog is mainly focused on things to take camping and reviews on a range of essential camping gear, we will also from time to time cover off on general camping tips for beginners as well as recommendations on campsites across Australia.

So what are you waiting for! Get our camping checklist which lists all the camping must haves and get yourself set up to enjoy our beautiful Australian outdoors.

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