About Us

Hey, thanks for checking out our blog – Camp Essentials – a website set up for all those wannabe campers out there, that just have no idea where to start.

We are a small family living in Brisbane, Queensland and love to get out and camp whenever we can. However we were of course beginner campers at one stage too, but over the years we have become much more confident campers and now like to think we know a thing or two about camping.

When we first started camping we spend so much money buying the wrong products and then over time we had to spend money again buying the camping products that were right for us. And I guess that’s what prompted us to start this site, to not only share our love of camping with others but also to help others get started with the right equipment.

There is so much camping gear out there, it can be difficult trying to work out what is absolutely necessary and what’s just not worth it. On this blog, we want to take you through a range of different products and help you choose camping gear that is right for you from the outset.

This is a fairly new blog, so do hang in there as we get all our information up. Our aim is to provide high quality information, which takes time to write. However, hopefully over time, you will find this blog helpful in getting you all set up and ready for your first camping trip.

With Camp Essentials, we hope to not only get you inspired to get out there and camp in the wonderful Australian great outdoors but also help you get started with the right camping equipment.

We look forward to helping you go camping.


Andy, Melissa & Myla 🙂