The Complete Guide to the Best Camping Stove Australia 2020

Family around camp stove

Buying the best camping stove Australia has can be a tricky task, as there is a range of factors to consider.  I mean how many burners do you need, and what about BTU’s?  Are you limited on space and so need to consider the weight and size of the outdoor stove too? These are just a few of the things to consider when it comes to buying the best portable stove.

I like to consider myself a bit of a chef and so take my cooking very seriously, even when it comes to cooking on a camping trip.  I actually use both a portable gas stove and a BBQ on our camping trips.  It did, however, take me a bit of research before buying each and I have to say after years of use I’m incredibly happy with my camp cooking equipment.

However if you’re just starting to look for the best portable camping stove for your camping trips, then this will be a great guide for you.  In this camping burner guide, I’ll take you through all the different features you need to consider to purchase the right type for your camping needs.  I’ll also look at some of the top rated camp stoves currently available in Australia and compare their features closely so you might even find just what you’re after in this guide.

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The Complete Guide to the Best Camping Chairs Australia 2020

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Once you’ve got your tent and somewhere to sleep, you’re going to want to invest in one of the best camping chairs Australia has available.  You might think that sounds a bit strange, but if you’re anything like me, you’re going to be spending a lot of time in that chair, so investing in one of the most comfortable camping chairs you can afford, is money well spent.

Over the years we’ve had so many different folding camping chairs.  We tried to save money the first time we went camping and just purchased the best cheap camping chairs for sale we could find.  Sure they provided somewhere for us to sit, but after while they are pretty uncomfortable and now they are pretty much falling apart.

We then upgraded to some better quality yet still budget camp chairs for sale, but again still not that comfortable.  Last year we finally decided to invest in some pretty nice comfy camping chairs which we just love.  They’re certainly no deluxe camping chair, but they’re really comfortable.

Now with all the money we’ve spent on outdoor camping chairs over the years, we could have actually saved money by purchasing good quality fold up camping chairs from the get-go.  But you live in and learn, and I’m here to help you avoid making that mistake.

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The Complete Guide to the Best Sleeping Bags Australia 2020

Couple in sleeping bag

When it comes to the best sleeping bags Australia offers, there is a range of different shapes and sizes; they are made from all types of materials and rated for a variety of different temperatures. So when it comes to buying one, how do you know which is the best sleeping bag for your needs?

We used some cheapy sleeping bags for years, and it wasn’t until we did our camping trip through the Northern Territory, we found we had to put some thought into what type of sleeping bag we took with us. We were limited on the amount of stuff we could take in terms of weight and size, and we also needed something that was going to keep us warm at night when the temperatures dropped below zero.

After a lot of research, we soon learned all the ins and outs as to what makes the best sleeping bags for camping and found exactly what we needed.

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The Complete Guide to the Best Pop Up Tents Australia 2020

Tent on the mountains and the tent

If you’re looking at getting a new tent, or even if this is the very first time purchasing a tent, we highly recommend you consider getting a pop up tent.  With the best pop up tents, Australia offers campers; your tent will quite literally set up in minutes!

We persevered with a big old giant Taj Mahal style tent for years that took hours to put up.  When we first heard about camping pop up tents, we jumped straight on to read some pop up tent reviews to see if they were worth the hype.  We then decided to buy the best pop up tent for camping which everyone was recommending (spoiler alert – we got the Coleman Gold Series) and have never looked back.

If you’re already convinced a pop up tent (or instant up tent which they are also called) is for you but wondering what’s the best pop up tent, then this is the perfect guide for you.  Perhaps this is the first time you’ve even heard of a pop up tent, so just want to find out more – then this best pop up tent review guide is also for you.

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The Ultimate Camping Checklist – All the Gear you need for the Perfect Camping Trip

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The first time we ever went camping, the first thing I did was make was a camping checklist.  Having a list of all the camping must haves makes life so much easier.  I recommend getting a list together whether you’re putting together a camping gear list of what you need to buy before your first trip or even if this is your 100th trip.  Having a camping checklist printable that you can quickly tick off each time you head off just makes the whole process easier.

If you’ve landed on this page because you’re making a camping equipment list, then no need, you can just print off our camping checklist PDF right here.  However if you’re brand new to camping and looking for a list of camping essentials to buy to get you started, then I suggest you read on.

In this guide, I have a printable camping list of essentials that you can tick off as you pack as well as a comprehensive guide on exactly what to take camping, so if you’re brand new to camping, you can start buying all the essential camping gear.

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