The Complete Guide to the Best Camping Chairs Australia 2020

Lady Camping

Once you’ve got your tent and somewhere to sleep, you’re going to want to invest in one of the best camping chairs Australia has available.  You might think that sounds a bit strange, but if you’re anything like me, you’re going to be spending a lot of time in that chair, so investing in one of the most comfortable camping chairs you can afford, is money well spent.

Over the years we’ve had so many different folding camping chairs.  We tried to save money the first time we went camping and just purchased the best cheap camping chairs for sale we could find.  Sure they provided somewhere for us to sit, but after while they are pretty uncomfortable and now they are pretty much falling apart.

We then upgraded to some better quality yet still budget camp chairs for sale, but again still not that comfortable.  Last year we finally decided to invest in some pretty nice comfy camping chairs which we just love.  They’re certainly no deluxe camping chair, but they’re really comfortable.

Now with all the money we’ve spent on outdoor camping chairs over the years, we could have actually saved money by purchasing good quality fold up camping chairs from the get-go.  But you live in and learn, and I’m here to help you avoid making that mistake.

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